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Learn everything you need to know about owning and keeping a snake at

Snake Cages
Snake cages blog shows cages instructions, photos for snake cages, and reptile cages for sale.

Snakes of North America
This site provides information and a lot of photos of North American snakes, which can help in identifying a particular snake species. Some information on snakes is also provided.

Florida Snake ID
An online guide for identifying Florida snakes.

Dominican Red Mountain Boa (Epicrates Straitus Straitus SSP)
Home to one of the rarest snakes, which most herpetoculturists do not even know exist, the Dominican Red Mountain Boa. Please enjoy the pictures and information we provide on this unique species. was one of the first and only resources dedicated to the King Cobra, the world's longest venomous snake. Whether you're doing a homework assignment or scientific research, there's sure to be something here for you. offers plenty of pages with detailed cobra information, and since 2014 - we provide updated info and news on other snakes and reptiles as well, in addition to hundreds of pictures and videos.

Snake Facts
All the amazing facts about snakes.