Kammerflage Kreations Chameleons
Breeders of chameleons - Offers chameleons for sale, books, art, cages, accessories, plants, lighting, supplements, and more.

San Diego Zoo: Chameleons
Chameleon facts and information from the San Diego Zoo.

The Chameleon Enthusiast
Chameleon care information and chameleon facts, reptile sitting, and chameleon adoption and rescue services.

Chameleons! Online E-Zine
A free online e-zine dedicated to the care of chameleons.

Chameleon Care Manual
Chameleons make great pets for those willing to properly care for them. Properly caring for a chameleon requires much more than simply tossing them into an aquarium with plants and then leaving them. Visit Chameleon Care Manual by Robert Jones to learn all there is to know about chameleon care.