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Trachemys scripta elegans (turtle closeup)

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Decorative custom reptile cages providing a tropical rainforest or desert habitat. These enclosures can contain large pools of water which provide bathing & humidity as well as being equipped with an easy rinse and flush system making maintenance easy.
Added September 9, 2014 - Category: Reptile Supplies | Cages

Pet Turtles & Cage Setup
Setup your pet turtle cage properly. Did you know that these reptiles need aquariums with larger floor space than aquarium height? It only makes sense that a turtle needs the tank bottom more than height. Visit for more info.
Added August 26, 2014 - Category: Turtles & Turtoises

Mealworm Complete Guide
People love to take care of their pets properly and a large part of that is feeding them good nutritional food. Thatís where the mealworm comes in.
Added August 26, 2014 - Category: Insects / Arachnids

Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art
Beautiful pet portraits in pastel from photos by Karie-Ann Cooper. All pets catered for, from dogs, cats and horses to the more exotic including reptiles. Affordable prices
Added June 31, 2014 - Category: Art & Gifts

Reptile Nation
Here at Reptile Nation we strive to to bring you the best reptile shows in the world while attempting to educate in the process. We look forward to seeing you at one of our future Reptile Super Shows!
Added June 20, 2014 - Category: Reptile Organizations

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